Season Ender

The local ski mountains have had a rough year so far and they had to make there entire base of the mountain with man made snow not any natural snow. The trail conditions are worsening as we speak they have been losing money all year and now they need to host ski events and out door cook outs to draw crowds because they cant make it off what money they have.  Some mountains have potential because they have summer events and obstacles like Cranmore other places like king pine make money all summer  off of things like there summer camp but nowhere else is going to  make a profit or maybe not even make even .

As a local i was not pleased to have only gone once or twice and it was not any fun because there was no snow Cranmore was nothing but ice and they tried to set up a terrain park but it was not worth a day trip in anyway. In my mind this summer is the only thing that should matter to the resort. They just went under new management but they did worse the the old owners. It was a nice family owned mountain and they all did well with money and were open for awhile and now that its owned by a corporation its going down hill.

But as of this weekend the ski mountains will a possible addition of 2 feet of natural snow to use to open what ever isn’t. There is supposed to be a huge storm coming through and everything is going to get it the locals will be piled in the lodge gearing up!

Thank you too all the people who followed or liked any of my post and a shout out to my teacher Mr. Mahan who taught me to take my time and type whats really important to me too bad this was only a half year class i had alot of fun and will keep on making post just because.



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Dog funk has just recently started sponsoring events like the dew tour this year was a big event they did. There is many more that they have sponsored and it is getting them a lot of business.

Youth Excellence

                    As many of you know in this years X-Games there were many young kids in the teen years that were competing against the best pro’s like Travis Rice, Shaun White, and Torstien Horgmo. Most people would hear that and say that they have no chance, but a few of them went home with medals.  and even in skateboarding there were kids that got  medals and some were as young as ten years old.

                 As these kids keep coming up more and more kids are going to improve doing flips and some even doing doubles. they will eventually get to the point where they can just be at a pro level at the age of 10. I’m not sure how most pro’s were at the age of ten but most were not in the X-Games or any other big events.

If this keeps evolving there will be no adult pro’s involved in the X-Games, people would much rather see a kid doing these jumps and tricks rather than an adult.

HCSC Scott Stevens

Scott took advantage to summer shredding and made a summer edit on snow! This summer mountain usually has snow for at least a month of summer and he did what he could to stay up with the people who are out in Europe. The edit shows people that just cause the winter season is over doesn’t have to end.  Most people who love boarding and cant afford to take a trip to Europe but you don’t have to HCSC is right in the U.S.

Scott set an example that all pro’s don’t just use there money and editing to make them look good and he just had a good weekend at the summer camp and made an edit. Yes, it was edited but he did not make it so that you don’t see him crash he is one of the only boarders that shows clips of them trying things and falling then him landing them. Weather its a street edit or a mountain edit he makes sure to have bails and complete runs so that you can see what he went through.


Defenders Of Awesome

The Defenders Of Awesome is a mini series made by  a group of snowboarders and skaters that just like to have winter and summer fun — both  snowboarding and skate. Scott Stevens is a role model for many kids in the snow boarding world and skating world.

He came up from nothing and became something big and he was just an average kid who had nothing growing up and stuck to what he does best and made something out of his life. He showed every one that you don’t need money to make it in life and now he has all the money he needs and he gets it from doing something he likes doing.

He sets a dream for kids who grow up snow boarding and or skating  in places like New Hampshire where I  live. The lifestyle he set was the skater and snowboarder style and just going with what comes next. It’s the life that kids dream of and he grew up without all the money and fame then made it on his own.